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You have to know that your work continues to have a ripple effect in my life. There are aftershocks always! I am SO grateful for you!! You are a coach through and through and you empower me to be a better more self-compassionate version of myself and that is absolutely priceless. ❤ More to come!! Lol I've just been very reflective the past couple of days. Trust me the expression of it all is coming! Lol.

I am so grateful for you and for the work we've done together. Thanks for reading this novel. You truly are a gift in my life Caroline. And I love you! Xoxo. I know it just takes a lot of patience and faith to work so closely with people and then not hear from them in a long time or ever again perhaps, but I am glad to catch up with you because you deserve to know you change LIVES. ❤

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I've worked with other therapists in the past but they only temporarily helped the situation or problem I was having. With you (I feel) I was given tools to understand why I am the way I am and how to love that about myself! (HSP all the way!!!)

By teaching/coaching me to love all the characteristics of myself, walls and chains disappeared. (Walls and chains being the destructive cycle I was in).

The cycle consisted of three main touch points. First, trying to force myself to fit in at a job that didn't align with my ethics. Second, by not aligning ethically, I was unable to do my job and be successful because of my conscience. As a result, I didn't "succeed" and I punished myself verbally for being terrible at my job. Then the cycle would start again. It was toxic and consuming.

After working with you, the walls and chains that had validated me and my story of not being good enough at my job faded away and were no longer anything more than memories of the way I used to feel. Now, I feel excited to find more and more things out there that are like me! I will only work towards things that lift me up from now on! :)

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LINDSAY BLACKMAN - directer of Human resources - UK

When I approached Caroline, I had grave relationship issues with my fiancé and his three daughters. I had been trying to deal with these issues for the past three years... getting nowhere, and facing another painful breakup.

The emotional turmoil I was experiencing was affecting me physically and spiritually. Caroline was able to show me how my emotions affected my world and the world around me. I've since learned to change my perspective and improve these relationships with just a few suggestions and adjustments. I have seen the change in the faces of my fiancé's daughters who I had great difficulty relating to. Now we are having fun together and I'm more connected with them than ever before. 

Not only were my initial issues addressed with Caroline's help, but I also overcame resentments with others, became more communicative with my sons and closer to my mother. We also covered practical and financial issues such as home ownership in 2nd marriages, financial security, family holidays with stepchildren as well as defining my purpose and passion in life. I highly recommend Caroline as a coach!