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It all started when…

I realized I wasn't happy working in roles that weren't fulfilling, but with such an eclectic career I sometimes wondered if I would truly find a role that spoke to me. I had spent many years working to make money and pay the mortgage but still there was something missing. I loved working with people and as a Life Coach it brought me great joy to be able to help someone move forward and accomplish their goals, but I still felt there was more available to me.

Then one day I was offered a role as a Trainer of professional development and before long I realized I had blended both my coaching skills and business experience. My passion to help people expand their knowledge and personal growth was now being experienced with business professionals. Finally I had been able to blend my two worlds and I love what I do!




Personal and Professional Development



Caroline brings years of both academic and hands-on experience to her work believing  education is the cornerstone to growth and personal development. She uses all of her experience, knowledge and passion to deliver interesting, dynamic and memorable seminars. Caroline’s background is as diverse as she is. Having worked in retail, the corporate sector, media advertising and sales she then transitioned into being an entrepreneur owning her own interior design business. Although transforming people’s home is still a passion, aiding the transformation of lives has always been at the core of Caroline’s goals. Now as a Certified Life Coach and Professional development Trainer her passion, talents and expertise have found a place to create a truly authentic experience for her clients and students.


B.A. Psychology

M.Sc. Organizational Leadership

Certified Transformational Life Coach

True Colors Personality Profile Facilitator



Individual and group rates available. Please call to discuss.

Half of full day workshops available upon request





Communication is key in every walk of life but for many, the thought of having a difficult or challenging conversation is paralyzing. Learn that communication is necessary and can be so much easier once you have established tools and techniques for speaking honestly and openly.


    • Who are you talking to?
    • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
    • Various types of Listening
    • Communication styles
    • Talk so that people will listen
    • Unspoken communication
    • Ways to deal with negative emotions 
    • Getting stuck in negativity
    • Fight, Flight, Freeze or Flow
    • 4 Outcomes of Negotiation


Students will:

    • Recognize their own personality type and those of others 
    • Discover varied styles of communication. 
    • Learn how to become an effective listener and utilize questioning techniques appropriately.
    • Identify ways to resolve conflicts and disagreements. 
    • Create acceptance, foster teamwork and deliver controversial information effectively.  


Coping Strategies


For many people, change can be unwanted, challenging and overwhelming. Learn to efficiently manage change in the workplace and empower others to do the same.


    • Personality Types
    • Managing emotions during change
    • Why do we Procrastinate?
    • Do you have a Fear of Failure?
    • Understand knowledge during change
    • Recognizing Choices
    • Taking Chances
    • Facing Challenges
    • Embracing Change
    • Creating Goals


Students will:

    • Recognize their own personality type and those of others 
    • Learn to recognize when their emotions are taking over and the skills to manage them
    • Understand why we procrastinate and how to stop it
    • Develop goals in order to be in control of situations that feel out of control


Personal Development


The disease to please is something that many people struggle with and permeates every aspect of their lives. For some people it can cause undue stress and anxiety. This workshop will identify where this dis-ease to please comes from and how to transform it


    • Are you a People Pleasing personality?
    • Is your Self Esteem strong?
    • Identify your Values and Roles
    • The effect of your primary beliefs 
    • Do you have effective Boundaries?
    • What role does Guilt play in your life? 
    • Purging the past for a clear future path
    • Forgiveness of self and others
    • Respect for yourself
    • Responsibility to yourself


Students will:

    • Identify what it is to be a people-pleaser 
    • Understand where your negative beliefs came from and transform them
    • Learn how to create boundaries that serve you and others
    • Understand the importance of Self-worth, value, care and ultimately Self-Respect


Stress Management


Conscious living is about living a life where you are fully aware and present. Most of us live on autopilot running from one stressful situation to another. In this course you will identify what it means to live consciously and how to live mindfully on a daily basis to create optimum results in your life.


    • Types of stress
    • The Subconscious mind 
    • Paradigms
    • Physical manifestations of emotions
    • Do you know who you really are?
    • Identifying your habits
    • Your Life Assessment
    • Effects of Social Media on your mind
    • Are you Mind full or Mindful?
    • Goal setting to support your desires


Students will:

    • Identify the different types of stress that can affect you 
    • Develop strategies to create a more conscious existence
    • Learn to develop the right beliefs for optimum living
    • Determine how to develop healthy habits
    • Support yourself with Goals that are congruent with your values



This workshop has been designed to develop you as an effective leader by improving interactions at all levels. Build and create trust, inspire, motivate and empower your team and the people around you. A leader is only as good as it’s followers; be the right type of leader.


    • What is leadership?
    • Leadership self-assessment
    • Coaching, Mentoring, Supervising 
    • How do leaders impact their followers?
    • Managing vs. Leading
    • Communicating with your people
    • Listening skills
    • The principles of empowerment
    • Who are you leading? 
    • Goal setting for your people


Students will:

    • What defines a good leader?
    • Learn to talk so people will listen
    • Recognize and practice different coaching and mentoring methods
    • Learn how various managing and leading styles impact your employees
    • Understand the characteristics of good leadership


Boundaries &  Dealing with Demanding People


Some professional roles are heavily steeped in customer interactions that can be very emotionally charged and volatile. This workshop is designed to provide tools for personnel who have to deal with highly charged customers. It will also discuss  how to create and maintain professional boundaries both within the context of their role and outside it. 


    • What are professional boundaries?
    • Boundary self-assessment
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Effective Communication
    • Do you know who you are talking to?
    • Manage your Emotions
    • NLP for managing stress
    • Fight, Flight or let it Flow
    • Case Study
    • Stategies for Self Care


Students will:

    • Learn to identify Personal and Interpersonal boundaries 
    • Understand different personality types
    • How to use Emotional Intelligence to manage difficult situations
    • Recognize if your response to negative experiences is serving you